The waves

The waves

Reflecting off the caves

They always start like this

It’s a sort of daze

They leave me here in a solemn bliss

And we sort of share a kiss

for the rest of our days

we both reminisce

I’ve been thinking

With the weather so fair

how we could just stare

Is it too much for you?



‘cause it’s a little hard to bare

And I’m scared for the future

It’s like a tumour

that way

it doesn’t make me feel too super

What do you mean?

I sort of feel unhappy with my being

We all feel like that as we’re growing up


I guess that’s the rub

Wanna leave?

After the next breeze

‘cause it’s sort of exotic

these seas

And my hair’s got all knotted

like the trees

And it’s nice in my seat

Listening to your beat


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