Something to set my mind on

Come round, one and all, and welcome to the unveiling of my ‘new’ blog. Most of the information that I’m going to put on here is going to focus on my personal pursuits into publishing, and more specifically into editorial work. Most of this will be through work, with fellow peers, and through my own work, which I’ll post on here (my work, not others, unless there’s something I want to highlight (but i’ll have their consent)(look at this, a triple parenthesis))).

I shall hope to update this blog weekly, or, at the very least, every other week, with little poems I’ve written, along with short stories; stuff i’ve been doing (mostly reading though); some random thoughts I have, mostly activism (I mean, I just love feminism); and during a two week period in September: there will be an update a day, when I head to America for some lovely down time in sunny Cali, for novel inspiration, of course (I’m secretly heading there because sun, sea, culture, and palm trees).

For now, I’d like you to have a little insight into my mind, with a little poem that I’ve written for my anthology, Anthaloy. Don’t forget to follow this blog, and my Instagram (updated weekly), if you like.

And thank you to the followers who stuck close to this blog. Your patience will, hopefully, not be in vain.


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