America and onwards

At the end of the September, I had a cheeky road trip to so American cities, which I’m gonna, hopefully, include my journals at some point. I’ve had a lot on recently, with university starting up again and I’ve decided to write a screenplay (Yeah, I’m pretty excited)(it’s going to be an animated mini-series, and I’m still working on the total plot line, but it’s mad at the moment). But, it takes a lot out of me, all this writing, and moving, and walking (I just hope you are all still interested). Oh, and did I tell you I’m an sectional editor in the Newcastle Student paper! I’m very excited, more excited than I am for my actual degree. That’s fine though, I’m changing it up next year by doing creative writing either here, Newcastle, or at Manchester.

I’d give anything write for a living, or storyboard animations.

Thank would be swell.


(Things are looking up.)


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