More writing

Apologises for being away! I’be been very busy with the Courier, Newcastle student paper, and we are finally picking research topics and groups for next semester: I got solar cell ’cause environmental chemistry is 👌.

So here I am. A month into term and things are getting busy!!

Here’s a quick update:

I’m watching Death Note again which is so good!

I’ve got six episodes into my spec script for a multidimentional, adventure/queer drama (I hope it’s queer enough soon).

I’m doing well.

I want a little Shiba Inu though.

Bake off is on tonight (so, I’m going to be drinking and chatting with a friend I’ve missed recently)

And I’m editing Feelings, my novel about sexuality and depression to send that off at the end of November.

Anyway, much love!

Just thought I would get some of this down for you.


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