Rin and the Raccoon

Rin and the Raccoon (りんとたぬき。)

Is a new short series I’m going to be working on and publishing weekly on this blog!

What’s about?

I’ve only got a vague idea, but it focuses on a girl named Rin (8), who had an older brother (12), drowned in a river, is irritable and feels rejected from her father.

She spends a lot of her time drawing and detaching herself from the world, until she finds a raccoon in need of help, as it’s been beaten up by some kids when it tries to ask for food.

The story tracks their movements and friendships through wild misadventures and exciting new worlds.

I’m hoping to adapt it into a short film/screenplay when I’ve finished.

I hope you’all like it!!

Lots of love xx

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