New Year

Hello again, So, 2016 has really hit nerd culture like a bomb, so here’s to 2017! Firstly, I’m going to start putting up things I’ve written and what I’m reading each week, so look forward to that!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and a perfect New Year. Lots of love! Especially to those we … More New Year

More writing

Apologises for being away! I’be been very busy with the Courier, Newcastle student paper, and we are finally picking research topics and groups for next semester: I got solar cell ’cause environmental chemistry is 👌. So here I am. A month into term and things are getting busy!! Here’s a quick update: I’m watching Death … More More writing

America and onwards

At the end of the September, I had a cheeky road trip to so American cities, which I’m gonna, hopefully, include my journals at some point. I’ve had a lot on recently, with university starting up again and I’ve decided to write a screenplay (Yeah, I’m pretty excited)(it’s going to be an animated mini-series, and … More America and onwards


Okay, so I realised the other day that it’s been a year since I storyboarded (second by second (man, It took a long time)) and created my very own animation in time to one of my favourite bands, Little Comets. I’ve always wanted to do an 8-bit-type animation, so I used Piskel, pixel animation software, … More Animation


The waves The waves Reflecting off the caves They always start like this It’s a sort of daze They leave me here in a solemn bliss And we sort of share a kiss for the rest of our days we both reminisce I’ve been thinking With the weather so fair how we could just stare … More Prelude