Bad romance

I swear I’ll update the story again soon and give you some sweet concept art. But, for now, here’s a poem about … I’ll leave that to you. Bad romance The wait is so long When we listen to our songs and come not too strong Advertisements

Rin and the Raccoon

Rin and the Raccoon (りんとたぬき。) Is a new short series I’m going to be working on and publishing weekly on this blog! What’s about? I’ve only got a vague idea, but it focuses on a girl named Rin (8), who had an older brother (12), drowned in a river, is irritable and feels rejected from … More Rin and the Raccoon


“There’s something I need to tell you.” I place my wine glass down and look over at the girl on the other side of the table. Her hair is long and hangs slightly over her face. She has to push it out of the way every couple of seconds, just to make the sides of … More Fun-

New Year

Hello again, So, 2016 has really hit nerd culture like a bomb, so here’s to 2017! Firstly, I’m going to start putting up things I’ve written and what I’m reading each week, so look forward to that!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and a perfect New Year. Lots of love! Especially to those we … More New Year

More writing

Apologises for being away! I’be been very busy with the Courier, Newcastle student paper, and we are finally picking research topics and groups for next semester: I got solar cell ’cause environmental chemistry is 👌. So here I am. A month into term and things are getting busy!! Here’s a quick update: I’m watching Death … More More writing