Rin and the Raccoon . two

Sorry for being away last week! my friend wanted so concept art drawn for his music video animation (written and animated by himself (he’s pretty talented!) But I’ve come up with more Rin and the Raccoon. If you missed the last one, you can grab it: here: https://wordpress.com/post/literatureandwarmcoats.wordpress.com/267 (It’s all updated and everything.) Anyway, here it … More Rin and the Raccoon . two

More writing

Apologises for being away! I’be been very busy with the Courier, Newcastle student paper, and we are finally picking research topics and groups for next semester: I got solar cell ’cause environmental chemistry is 👌. So here I am. A month into term and things are getting busy!! Here’s a quick update: I’m watching Death … More More writing