Bio: I've been writing and looking to produce scripts and plays for years now, so long that I can't even physically remember a time in which I wasn't thinking about doing such a thing. But, I'm glad to say that my ability to develop has dramatically improved over the past few years, since I've been studying at university, that is. And what did I study? Chemistry. It is a little odd, but the whole world is a stage, so why not go out there. If I could do cinema or theatre studies, along with my writing, that would be the dream. I just really want to make Hamilton happen in the North East. Also, I just love to write. Did I mention that? So far, I've written: four novels, four anthologies of short stories and poems, and an 8 part script for a animated miniseries. Do I animate it myself? Probably. And here's a journal that I edited on behalf of the publication's author: http://spcare.bmj.com/content/6/Suppl_1/A5.2.abstract?sid=e981d078-5780-4aa8-85f3-a26ef6003623 As well as journalistic writing, and editing, that can be found here: http://thecourieronline.co.uk/category/arts/ Anyway, enough about me. Lots of love.

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