The end of revision

I’ve been trying really hard to balance a lot of things in my life that just keep occurring without me realising, I guess this is what adulting is?

I’m trying to find time to draw character designs (one below) that I think match the people in my screenplay I’ve written, but I’m just trying to build up a one-sized-fits all approach to the drawings, especially if I’m going to be animating them.

I’m looking for freelance work, so if anybody wants me to do something, blogs, short stories, videos, that need editing and guidance, I’m all ears.

Other than that, I’ve got Hamilton tickets!!!! And I’m gonna keep on reading and writing!

And, I never got to say this, but thanks to you for following me! And a special thank you for everyone that marched with women around the world on the 21st!!

IMG_7883.JPGLots of love!

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